Buying in Puglia | Introducing PugliaPrime

Why a former lawyer with a background in property investment and his Italian collaborator from Puglia working in the service industry decided to offer the services of PugliaPrime.

Why we founded PugliaPrime


We were asked to view some properties here in Puglia for friends living abroad.


Our friends had experienced various issues with estate agents here in Puglia: responses to enquiries were often poor and infrequent; information was sparse and photographs were frequently “unhelpful”.


“Ah, yes - photos. With the demise of the sole agency contract a lot of agents have decided not to put accurate photos on the website, convinced that the competition will either steal them or go and find the house and persuade the owner to let them sell it instead. It is possible that the house you fall in love with was in fact sold some years ago or is in a different town... You won’t always find internal photos on the web either - probably the owners don’t want all and sundry looking at their ornaments...”

— Buying in Italy 2020: The complete guide to buying a property in Italy by Ramsay Gilderdale


With a background in property law and the Italian services industry, and having been through the process of buying property in Puglia, we realised that we were perfectly placed to view, review and report on the properties and to carry out a non-legal due diligence on their behalf.


Flattening out some of the communication issues experienced due to language and cultural differences, meant we could add value. It was easy for us to liaise with the estate agent to ensure the necessary legal protections following our investigations found their way into the purchase contracts.


We were inspired to put our professional skills to use. So we set up PugliaPrime. A service that allows you to streamline your property selection process.


Nothing is more frustrating than viewing a property you know is not for you as soon as you see it. For a modest fee we can View | Review | Report on a property for you. Unsuitable properties are eliminated before you visit Puglia, so you don’t waste time viewing them when you get here.

A property’s shortcomings may not be apparent until you view it. Having a limestone factory with a chimney pumping out thick smoke nearby, or the next door neighbour using his land as a tyre dump is not for everyone.


On the website this charming property had much promise.


Buying a home in Puglia - PugliaPrime
The estate agent’s website is unlikely to show this view of neighbouring land.

Our service is also useful if you are unable to visit Puglia due to travel or other restrictions, but prefer to continue your search for a home here.


Welcome to our Puglia. Welcome to your home.