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Nothing is more frustrating than viewing a property you know is not for you as soon as you see it.  Especially if you have made arrangements to travel from abroad and your viewing time - and the number of properties you can see - is limited.

A property’s shortcomings may not be apparent until you view it. Having a limestone factory with a chimney pumping out thick smoke nearby, or the next door neighbour using his land as a tyre dump is not for everyone.


That is where we make a difference with our bespoke View | Review | Report service.



PugliaPrime View | Review | Report


We will act as your eyes and ears on the ground here in Puglia.


For a fixed fee starting from 155€* we will visit the property on your behalf. We will walk through it, walk around it, and provide a written report with clear and detailed photographs and videos.


For an additional 30€ we can also fly a drone over the property and neighbouring premises to give you 360° panoramic images and video footage in 4K definition.


We set up this service after we were asked to view some properties for friends living abroad. They had experienced various issues with estate agents here in Puglia: responses to enquiries were often poor and infrequent; information was sparse and photographs were frequently “unhelpful”.


Ah, yes - photos. With the demise of the sole agency contract a lot of agents have decided not to put accurate photos on the website, convinced that the competition will either steal them or go and find the house and persuade the owner to let them sell it instead. It is possible that the house you fall in love with was in fact sold some years ago or is in a different town... You won’t always find internal photos on the web either - probably the owners don’t want all and sundry looking at their ornaments...

— Buying in Italy 2020: The complete guide to buying a property in Italy by Ramsay Gilderdale




Our enhanced PugliaPrime+ service includes the View | Review | Report service and an additional non-legal due diligence report based on our viewing and the title and other information provided by the estate agent.


We will inspect the property, consider the boundaries, access, services, building consents and other relevant factors and make any appropriate recommendations. We will also include a view on the asking price versus value, and investigate whether the property is being offered at one price for Italians and another for foreign buyers.

Our PugliaPrime+ service will include due diligence on the estate agent.


There are 3 sorts of estate agent in Italy. Legal and good. Legal and bad. Illegal.

— Buying in Italy 2020: The complete guide to buying a property in Italy by Ramsay Gilderdale


In Italy the estate agent works for both parties to finalise the transaction and will take a commission from the buyer as well as the seller. In return they will undertake certain legal and technical due diligence on your behalf as part of the conveyancing process. Lawyers are not typically used in the house buying process in Italy.

Your right of recourse should anything go wrong with the process will be against the estate agent.


Our PugliaPrime+ service will include checking the credentials of the agent. We will confirm whether or not they are registered with the relevant professional body and consider whether their property marketing complies with regulatory requirements and if they have the relevant indemnity insurance in place.


We charge a fixed fee starting from 175€* for our PugliaPrime+ service, excluding the drone flyover which is available for an additional 30€.



* These base fees apply for properties up to 55sqm and located within a radius of 60km of Ostuni. For larger properties and properties beyond 60km an increased fee will apply relative to property size and distance. We will always confirm in writing what the full fixed fee inclusive of any additional time due to property size and distance will be, before you engage us.



We are not an estate agency. We are not a property portal. We do not take a commission from the estate agent for the sale. You, and only you, are our client.


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